Monday, November 10, 2014

You Can Have a Square Circle

Can you have a square circle? Logic says no, of course not. That is preposterous. I say yes. Now hear me out.

There is no such thing as a square or a circle. Those are abstract concepts. They are two dimensional. Geometrical ideas.  They only exist in our imaginations. Real reality has three (or four) dimensions. Depends on how you look at time.

This is a simplified reality. It is unreal. Let us take a look at real reality for a moment.
Imagine an everyday soup can. It is a cylinder.

We know this to be true. But let’s look at it from the side. From the side we see a rectangle. A tall skinny square.

From the top, we have a circle.

This is not to play a silly game with ideas but to illustrate that things are all perspective dependent. What we see is always dependent on where we look from.

Next time you imagine something impossible remember that there are other ways to see and additional dimensions from which to see a situation from.

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