Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dolly Madison was a badass!

 So, Dolly Madison was kind of a badass. The more I read about the early years of our country, the more I realize that fact. According to legend she was the first woman to be known as the First Lady. Her Eulogy, delivered by incumbent President Zachary Taylor, referred to her as "our nation's first lady for half a century." There is no version of the eulogy ever written down but that is the story. Part of this may be due to her powerful presence in the capital beginning when our third president, Jefferson, a widower, asked her to act as hostess for the White House for 8 years then acted as hostess for her husband's 8 years as president.

Being our first "First Lady" was not the end of her accomplishments. While both Washington and Jefferson loved ice cream it was Dolly Madison who was credited for popularizing the dessert.

After James Madison left the Presidency, they returned home to Virginia, where she helped her husband organize his papers including the notes he used in drafting the Constitution.

After her hubby died and she returned to D.C. she was awarded an honorary seat in Congress. Making her the first woman with a seat (while powerless) in the the Congress. She was the first private citizen to transmit a message via telegraph (an honor given to her by Sam Morse of morse code fame).

Dolly Madison was known for exercising actual political influence (a first for First Ladies), became our first female public celebrity and loaded up loot from the white house, delaying departure for hours with the British on their way to burn it down.

She was a heavy featured woman who stood 2.5 inches above her husband and had a great mind and heart. Dolly Madison kicked ass!