Thursday, February 28, 2013

One problem with God

One major reason that I find the Abrahamic concept of God (Jesus, YHWH, Jehovah, El, Lord, Allah, or God) unbelievable.

Why create the Universe? Why create at all? Why act at all?

We have a perfect, all powerful creature. ALL Powerful. Not really really powerful, but Omnipotent. It's will is reality and reality is its will. There is only this creature and there is nothing else. There could be no time, as chronology is a restriction upon an Omnipotent will and the Creature had not created anything yet. It simply existed in perfectly in perfect perfection.

My problem comes in when we consider two things; why creatures, as a whole, act and what is perfection?

Perfection is one of those tricky words that we understand but not really. Usually, when people use the word "perfect" they mean "really really good" or "as good as could be expected". That is because there is really no such thing as "perfect" in the world. It is an exaggeration that we all accept without question because we live in a complex, multifaceted world where things are more or less useful or appropriate depending on circumstance.

Perfection is much simpler, though incomprehensible, word when we introduce Omnipotence. An Omnipotent being could actually be perfect. Without flaw, limit, diminution, weakness, restriction or want. It is and that is enough. This is the situation before creation, according to the Abrahamic faiths. Prior to creation there was perfection and perfection was what there was.

So, why create? Why would God act at all? I read or watch TV or talk when I am bored. I may paint a picture because I can create beauty. I eat because I am hungry. I think for amusement (because I'm bored). Everything I do is to solve a problem or to make something better. Out of a lacking of some kind. Somehow something is missing. Not the case with our Omnipotent Creature, God. Nope, God is perfect and missing nothing and is all there is.

Considering that God was supposed to be all there was and God was perfect then creation would either keep all exactly as perfect as it was (no improvement or diminution) or would make all less perfect. Perfect God would create less perfection. Not that perfect a creator?

So we have an intentionless creation (intention means that God has plans for the future - therefore the present is not what an Omnipotent perfect being wants) which makes no difference in the perfection of all (because He would have to choose that option and not make things less perfect) in order to satisfy no want or desire of any kind (again, perfect being).

Action stems from want, desire, need or deficiency and loss. A perfect, Omnipotent being should have no deficiency or loss and have already satisfied all wants, desires, or needs. That is my problem with the Abrahamic creation myth.


  1. From my point of view the Judeo-Christian version of God is a reflection of ourselves. He has our wants, love and worship. He has our looks. He even has our feelings like jealousy. It's very odd to imbue Him with the characteristic of perfection unless you're trying to create an unobtainable goal. This is done to keep God and heaven out of reach, unfalsifiable.

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  3. Yes, need, a god in need of worship, activity, or just plain old company in the form of other beings, defies the nature of perfection.

    A perfect being would have no needs or desires.