Tuesday, July 10, 2012

If God can do bad can the Devil do good?

If God can do terrible things for a greater Good then does the Devil do wonderful things for a greater Evil?

 Many Atheists dispute the existence of the biblical God by asking why God commits or allows terrible things to happen. Children born with excruciatingly painful incurable diseases, Starvation, Genocide. These all seem kinda bad. If God is All Knowing and All Powerful and All Good then how does this occur. This is "The Problem of Evil," one of the arguments against the existence of the Biblical God.

I have never used this argument because it seemed silly to me. If God is this all powerful all knowing creature then He would know that there is a best scenario and these seemingly terrible acts lead to a greater Good. This seemed easy enough to brush away and I never gave this argument much thought.

Today I was musing, as I often do, about about the concept of divinity and why people believe this shit. I started thinking about how people thank God for all the good but don't blame him for the bad and it got me thinking... What if it is not God doing these good things? What if it is the Devil?

God allows starvation and death and disease and all that shit for a greater good why would the Devil not commit wonderful acts of kindness for a greater horror?
 Perhaps the Devil helped with the technology needed to transport people to Emergency Rooms in order to facilitate Global Warming. 

Maybe the devil helped Bob Sportsfigure (Michael Vick?) to win the big game in order to make him a big star so he would have the resources to start a dog-fighting ring.

What if the Devil created antibiotics in order to create antibiotic resistance which will bring about a super flu   like in "The Stand"?

Splitting the atom to bring about Armageddon, giving golden tablets to Joseph Smith to make less Christians, giving Israel back to the Jews so the world has to go to war in the Middle East, or maybe appearing to a Saul on the road to Demascus in order to turn Christianity into a new incarnation of the Roman Pagan faith?

It is worth a thought. If God allows and commits atrocity to bring about a greater good how do the religious know that their blessing is not just the Devil doing good to bring about a greater Evil?


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