Friday, February 3, 2012

Stop JC Penney from Homophobia

Recently I have found out that is starting a campaign to get J.C. Penney to fire their new spokesperson, Ellen Degeneres. These people want to get her fired because of her sexuality.

Why? She is famous, personable, likeable, trustable, and Gay. Yep, they are trying to get her fired from her spokesperson position because she is a homosexual.

I oppose this whole heartedly. I say screw!!

They want people to call their local store and complain. Their website has a function to find the number for your local store and call the manager. I say thank you! We can use this tool to call and thank them for not being bigots!

We can use the store locator at to get the number for the local J.C. Penney and call and thank them for judging a spokesperson by their sell-able qualities and not being a slave to the bigoted right.

One Million Moms dot com has already asked their people to contact JC Penney's customer service and corporate headquarters. Again, I say take their work and use it to call and say that we respect JC Penney's for their resistance to homophobic bigotry.


Make a personal phone call to JC Penney's customer service department. Their numbers are 972-431-8200 (customer service) and 972-431-1000 (corporate headquarters).

Please contact them and let them know that you appreciate their ability to resist homophobic pressure.



  1. I checked out their website and saw they had a similar campaign against Macys. Instead of a phone call they had a form letter. Oh, did I mention it was editable? I sent it out to Macys as follows...

    As a father and not a member of, I am greatly appreciative of your company's decision to include diverse Americans with your newest mail catalog.

    In the hopes of making sales, your company has shown that it is looking toward the future. The back cover looks like just a regular ad for your wedding registry service, but there is one major difference with the cake topper of two men instead of the traditional man and woman. The ad also includes a license plate that reads "I do" and hearts scattered everywhere. This is appropriate marketing. As a progressive customer I will support it.

    Your company is a household name and I agree with your choice of standing behind gay marriage. The content is fair and family-friendly advertising.

    As a consumer, I am asking you to continue your "two groom" ad supporting traditional family values. My decision to shop in your store has been reaffirmed.

    Thank you for treating people like people.

    1. I am thinking of doing this myself. Steal your letter too, Paul.

  2. I worked for J C Penney for 13 years, most of it in Management. The upper Management was so homophobic and made many rude and outlandish comments, spread rumors, and called the Gays on the display crew “The AIDS Brigade”, and then they would laugh. They harassed male Managers thought to be Gay, and they treated women even worse. Very few women were Store Managers until suddenly they had a store promotion called “Year of the Woman”, when suddenly they promoted some women, saying they could demote them later. They constantly made fun of the women as if they could not perform, and sexual harassment was rampant. I have written to Ellen about this – they are using her just as they use everyone else that they can. J C Penney has also abandoned many communities in their search to become “Macy’s”. Then, they have tried to be Kohl’s, and now Target. No Gay person with any style would ever shop there. I could go on…