Friday, January 27, 2012

Jessica, their hate shows they think you are right

Please give up. Please let us suffer eternal damnation. We have heard the good news. We think it is bunk. We want to leave you alone with your imaginary sky daddy. Just keep it to yourself.

I, like many other atheists, skeptics and freethinkers, have been following the whole Jessica Ahlquist situation pretty closely. I hope you know the basics of it; prayer on wall in school, she says that is wrong, they say shhh, she says that is illegal, they say nah, she sues, she wins, good god fearing Christians act like inhuman monsters. That about covers it.

My question is, and has always been, what are they afraid of? When I feel as right as they profess to I let you go through every argument in the book. I will even help you out. Help you prove the argument against me. Because I am so completely convinced of the strength of my position that I want you to get a fair chance to plead your case before I either show you where you are wrong or even walk away. I am confident I will be the winner in the long run.

Religions do not do this. They use force to suppress and censor any opposing idea. Like North Korea. Any opposing position must be hidden and blocked from view. Otherwise people will realize that the skydaddy makes no fucking sense. Keep them away from logic and critical thinking and especially skepticism as these breed real understanding and do not necessarily tow the party line.

For much of western history the Church funded the schools. They wanted to understand God's creation, the world. It seemed like a way to get close to God. Very nice. Until the evidence started to disagree with the eternal precepts laid down in the book. When that happens we need hemlock and torture devices. Counter any movement of delusional extremists and they will become a gang of thugs.

When you resort to threats of violence for considering other opinions I wonder how confident you are that your opinion actually IS correct.

Here are a couple of the comments by good God fearing Christians:

“May that little, evil atheist teenage girl and that judge BURN IN HELL!”

“Let’s all jump that girl who did the banner #fuckthatho”

“if I wasn’t 18 and wouldn’t go to jail I’d beat the shit out of her idk how she got away with not getting
beat up yet”

“We can make so many jokes about this dumb bitch, but who cares #thatbitchisgointohell and Satan
is gonna rape her.”

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