Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A call to arms

We started writing this blog some 72 posts ago. It has served as an outlet for our frustrations regarding religion, politics, and pretty much everything you see labeled over here to the right-------------->

We have always been aware that we are writing for an audience, but we never dreamed that the audience would grow as rapidly, or become as large, as it has. We have always imagined our posts as bottles thrown into the ocean, and hoped that one or two would find a home and be read by the nearest beach-combing passerby.

Well, it turns out that our hopes were fulfilled, and then some. We are being read on every continent of the world except for Antarctica. We have some weird pockets of fans in places like Latvia, and a small island nation north of England called 'Guernsey.' We love Guernsey, and we have had repeated reading from that island, even though there is only one road. Perhaps our favorite thing to say to those who ask about the blog is this: 100% retention in Guernsey!

We do not get a million hits a day, or even a thousand. We are, however, shocked on a daily basis by the realization that each one of our posts is read by more people than anything else Josh or I have ever written.
We also have a weekly live internet radio show, called REASON podcast, and are working hard on developing a website and building 'The Atheist Community of Buffalo and Western New York.' We have our fingers in a lot of pies...and we are running out of fingers.

Don't worry, we still have plenty to say, and will continue doing so as we rail from rooftops screaming our Atheist, Gay, Communist, and all around offensive agenda. We only wish that our posts could be more frequent...If only there were more hours in the day.

Or, if we had some help.

And so, we are now accepting applications from those who want to join us as an author. We are accepting applications from those who have something to say.

I guess first and foremost...there is no money. Trust me, we wish there were. If money does come along at some point, those who have stuck with us will certainly share in the wealth. But we didn't start this for money, we started this to share our words...and now we want you to share yours, as well.

If you've been reading our blog, then you are probably familiar with the sort of style we are looking for. Take a look at our posts, come up with any sort of topic that might interest those who fall under the moniker of 'Offensive Atheists,' and send us a sample.

If you do decide to throw your hat in the ring, then we only ask that you be reliable. Let us know what kind of commitment you'd be willing to make...be that a post a month, a post every other week, whatever you think you can handle.

So, go ahead, write something up, and email it to: REASON@wnyatheist.org
We will be accepting applications until January 27th, so have your submissions in by then.  Make sure to include your contact information, and how frequently you'd be willing to participate.

One thing that I have heard or read pretty much every day since Christopher Hitchens passed away is the following phrase: Thanks, Hitch, We'll take it from here! We are building something here, and we'd love to have your participation.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Paul Wittmeyer & Joshua Billingsley
The Atheist Community of Buffalo and Western New York

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