Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Born this way

Born this way. Like that makes it better. People throw that around to suggest that you cannot blame the gays for being gay because it is beyond their will.

I call shenanigans!

That is the stupidest argument for protection that one could proffer. Why does it matter? What if one day I decided to have the sex with men? Do I have to claim I was not in control to avoid social punishments, ostracization, or even violence? Screw that!

I don't care how you were born. I don't care if it is genetic or inherent or innate. People have rights! That is not a complicated fucking notion. Human beings have human rights.

Consenting adults doing things with consenting adults is what freedom means. If my actions do not hurt others, my actions are acceptable. This line of arguing is akin to that which is used by the drug legalization crowd. There is a difference. One can construct an argument as to how drug use is bad for society in general. Addiction, work absenteeism, theft, assault, and the like. As much as the Christian Right would like to there is no clear chain showing homosexuality damages anyone; subject, or those in the periphery. There is no damage we can gather from the homosexual act or homosexual lifestyle (whatever that is).

Born this way? I give two craps. People doing what they want and not hurting others is good enough for me. I hope it is good enough for you too.


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  1. "If my actions do not hurt others, my actions are acceptable." That doesn't include white socks with sandals does it? If that's the case I'll have to disagree with you. Unless of course you were born with white socks and sandals on. Then it would be OK.