Sunday, September 18, 2011


I think I may be pro-hazing. Weird to say but I have been giving this a lot of thought. Some hazing is just a lot of crap but the idea seems somewhat sound. You need to accomplish something. You need to be challenged and need to rise to meet the challenge.

I guess I am looking at the way we group people. Officially as in a club or more unofficially as in a friendship or circle of friends.

I was never in a fraternity or anything like that. I was in scholastic clubs at college but those require an interest in the subject as the hurdle to overcome. Same idea though. You need to be different from other people in a way. The Anthropology club will require you to be interested in Anthropology as a prerequisite.

A country club requires money. They are expensive and so they require that you be the kind of person who has worked to acquire the kind of income necessary to support membership at the club. Though, even with the money required they are still choosey about the kind of person they may allow in their club. To maintain the elitist thing.

Some of you out there may think elitism is a bad thing. It is not. There are many different metrics which we choose to grade people on. Some require good breeding others require lots of money or a high education at an Ivy League school or whatever. These people have seen what they think is important and they look for it. You do too. You look for a good sense of humor or similar interests or a pleasant conversation flow or whatever. You have a personal metric upon which you grade people. You are an elitist. In your category.

I like smarts. Not education but raw intelligence. I grew up going to an honor school and living in the ghetto. I come from a family of eccentric and weird geniuses who have always been the smartest person in whatever room they are in but never got the piece of paper.

The people I look up to can think. I appreciate a thinker. The things which impress me are internal consistency ingenuitive thought and creative problem solving. Oh, and if you are wondering why I used ingenuitive even though it is not really a word, go to hell!

I am an intellectual elitist. I grade people by their intellect. I will, when deciding to move a person into my closer sphere, sometimes test or haze people. There is a hazing required to enter the club of Josh. But if you look closely into your behavior you will see that you do the same. It is not always deliberate or obvious but we always test people. For the intimacy a real friendship provides you should. There is a lot of vulnerability there and you had better make sure that you can trust this person.

Look at the people you surround yourself with. They will reveal a lot about you. What do you prize? What do you seek? What do you desire? It may not be what you think.

Look to see what you chose people for. Do you want to fight or cooperate? Do you want to feel like a god or an equal? Do you want to look up to someone?

I have found that I choose people for a few 'ecological niches' in the garden of Josh. Some think I am great and others challenge me. Some do both and that is the best. There is something about your circle that makes you the person that you are. And that makes your circle what it is.

So, hazing.... this was a long walk to get back to this but I have been hazing my peeps recently and some have moved up and in. They are my elite circle. I think they they are elite.

As a member of a few atheist and skeptical groups and I have been looking to see how I am supposed to gauge people. How do I decide who to keep close and who to step away from. I guess I am going to have to move on to making plans on how to haze.


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